The National Commerce Exchange trade process is very easy to understand and participate in. We understand what your business need, which is why we have the National Commerce Exchange Jericho platform for trading among businesses created to be efficient, precise and easy to use.

To become a member of the National Commerce Exchange NYC trading platform there is a membership fee which needs to be paid apart from monthly subscription payments. We at National Commerce Exchange New York City provide you with your member ID number, NCE trade tools and a dedicated trade broker. The NCE barter broker will be your primary point of contact and will assist you in the trading network.

Your business will be advertised and marketed to all other network members within a week of your signing up. Subsequently, there will be weekly flyers designed and posted by National Commerce Exchange to keep other members aware of your business. Increased advertising is sure to get increased sales to your door. Every transaction at National Commerce Exchange Jericho is transacted via trade dollars or NCE trade currency.

Trade currency is used as a form of payment within the National Commerce Exchange network. On a sale the trade currency you earn gets deposited to an account which is maintained by National Commerce Exchange NYC. You can use this amount to buy inventory, hire a plumber or any other services/goods you require. Trade currency helps you conserve cash which can provide increased profits.

We also provide monthly statements which assist you in keeping tabs on your trade account. Sales, purchases as well as any other dealings are all marked in this statement clearly and in a simplified way.

This is the purview of National Commerce Exchange trade process. A simple process designed to get the best for your business.