Guidebook to Trading

As a first time trader we at National Commerce Exchange understand that you might have your apprehensions. We are here to take care of them. There would be many questions going through your head as to why should you invest in our membership and why is trade good for your purpose.

Our answer is very simple. A business venture which makes you profit without the use of cash is always a win-win situation for everyone involved. You get to move your goods as well as market and advertise your business goods and services.

Here is a couple of resource questions answered which should get you started.

  • Trading is beneficial

    On three accounts; by increasing your sales, moving inventory which was stagnant and by opening new avenues of potential customers. You get all this by minimizing your cash outlay and keeping records.

  • Bartering has been around for a long time

    In the marketplace Bartering has been around for a long time. You would find that most of the top Fortune 500 companies play a major role in Bartering. If the big bucks are doing it then it has to be profitable.

  • Your business will profit in leaps and bounds

    By moving inventory and selling services while maintaining your cash count, Bartering provides you with a competitive edge. NCE Barter goes further by bringing all relevant businesses to your table.

  • No change in Taxes

    Trade income is the same as cash income. However, by not investing in cash you can play smart. All business related trade purchases are tax deductible.

NCE Benefits

As a merchant you would only have a one on one relationship with your limited customers. With National Commerce Exchange you expand your horizon and purview.

At NCE trade multiple businesses come together to take part in exchange and barter using trade dollars. This means that there is no risk to you and you get complementary monthly returns and profit statements.

As a member of NCE Barter you also get access to a database of thousands of potential customers which can turn around to make a tidy sum profit for your business.